Cincom CPQ™: Your CPQ Solution for Complex Products and Services

Cincom’s CPQ solution can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and other CRM systems to create a complete multi-channel selling tool. Cincom CPQ cuts sales costs, creates a better buyer experience and increases margins on deals of all sizes. See what Cincom CPQ can do for you …

What is CPQ?

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Improve Customer Experience (CX)

Today’s B2B customers expect a B2C buying experience. That means your customers want the right product at the right price at the right time, and they don’t want to deal with lengthy processes that involve a lot of people and paperwork. Here’s how Cincom CPQ helps you deliver a better customer experience …

  • Modified extendible platform with rule- and role-based branded experiences for dealers and agents.
  • Ability to automate notifications of events occurring in the system, with opt-in, opt-out functionality to ensure notifications are pertinent to users, meaning nothing is lost or overlooked in any potential deal.
  • Quote collaboration and sharing functionality reduces time-to-quote while improving quoting accuracy.
  • Mobile-friendly, mobile-responsive functionality lets sales reps assist customers in the office, on the road or even on-site.
  • Guided selling capabilities assist sales reps in helping customers configure the right product tailored to their specific needs.

Enable Digital Transformation

Navigating your organisation through digital transformation is challenging. You need to ensure IT, operations, sales, finance and all other functions of your business are aligned in terms of corporate goals and the connected technologies they use to achieve them. Here’s how Cincom CPQ helps you get there …

  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to train new sales reps and improves solution adoption across your organisation.
  • Integration framework accommodates CRM and ERP systems, improving connectivity among your major business technologies.
  • Business intelligence (BI) and reporting capabilities provide a single repository and point of access for critical organisational knowledge.
  • An extendible platform with rule- and role-based branded experiences for dealers and agents standardises and consolidates complex sales processes that traditionally extend across multiple functions and business technologies, improving effectiveness and efficiency.

Improve Sales Performance

How do you create an effective multi-channel sales process; one that’s simple and profitable? Cincom CPQ boosts sales performance with guided selling functionality that helps you …

  • Capitalise on vital cross-sell and upsell opportunities and increase deal margins.
  • Onboard and train new salespeople faster and turn veteran sales reps into real product experts.
  • Replicate successful sales processes across all channel and dealer networks.
  • Improve satisfaction by identifying the product/service that best meets customer needs.
  • Accelerate sales cycles with streamlined quoting and order capturing, including mobile functionality.

Streamline Product Configuration

Product configuration offers the greatest opportunity for process optimisation—it impacts both front- and back-end operations. Cincom CPQ product configurator helps you …

  • Minimise the number of people across all functions involved in the sales process.
  • Easily define and implement rules that reduce configuration errors.
  • Manage data, policies and assets associated with product options and features.
  • Automate creation of output deliverables (BOMs, 3D models, etc.) to drive faster, quality production.
  • Create dynamic visualisations and product renderings of features and options.

Accelerate Quote Generation

Timing can be everything in sales, which makes time-to-quote a critical factor in success. Cincom CPQ quote generation capabilities help you …

  • Rapidly create and effectively manage quotes for all types of products and services.
  • Add role-based capabilities to lead salespeople through each step of the quoting process.
  • Provide secure, role-based access to quoting capabilities for authorised dealers, distributors or independent reps.
  • Capture feature, option and pricing details for quotes across all channels for analysis and reporting.
  • Implement simplified quote approvals and revision control processes.

Enhance Sales Proposals

Creating impactful sales proposals shouldn't be a time-consuming process. Your sales proposals should pull content and information from relevant sources in a meaningful way. Cincom CPQ helps you …

  • Develop rules and process flow for automated document generation.
  • Merge standard templates with dynamic content created during the output generation process.
  • Quickly prepare sales proposals across the globe with multilingual capabilities.
  • Gain better oversight of sales proposal template creation and administration.
  • Incorporate information from external sources like ERP or CRM systems in sales proposal generation.

Simplify Price Management

Accurate, consistent pricing ensures dependability in your sales forecasts and other financial KPIs. Simplified price management through Cincom CPQ helps you …

  • Apply accurate pricing for customised products/services across all channels and accelerate the pricing approvals process.
  • Implement and enforce dynamic pricing rules on discounts (including multi-tier discounting capabilities) and special requests.
  • Integrate pricing with ERP functionality and workflows to connect front- and back-office processes.
  • Enable global deployment with multi-currency capabilities.
  • Quickly calculate and view deal margins and other statistics through Business Intelligence analytics.

Solutions for the Entire Organisation

Cincom CPQ allows you to close more deals and improve margins. More support from guided selling and other functionality means less effort on your end, including faster onboarding with reduced training needs for new reps.

Cincom CPQ improves your time-to-market, streamlining processes that connect sales with fulfillment. Cincom CPQ reduces the need for manual order entry and manual order reviews. The solution ensures accuracy in the process, helping you deliver as promised and leaving your customers happy.

Beyond the bottom-line benefits, Cincom CPQ makes management of your product catalog and ordering processes significantly easier, providing flexibility for quick updates. We’ll work with you to integrate Cincom CPQ with your CRM and other business systems, ensuring end-to-end efficiency of your most critical processes.