New Product Support Levels Deliver Better Experience to Cincom Users

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Cincom product users should note revisions to Product Support Levels (PSLs) used by customers when submitting a support request.

The PSLs were revised in order to reduce the number of support level options from seven to four, making the process easier and more intuitive for customers while providing more clarity around the support delivered at each level. Customers may also find this process more in line with other software solution support processes. Overall, these revisions should provide a better experience for our users.

As of April 30 2018, all new releases, regardless of product line, will use the following four Product Support Levels (PSLs).

  1. Active: Current releases with full support for products that are regularly enhanced with new features or that support new environments.
  2. Sustained: Releases with full support. Enhancements, new releases, and platform upgrades are considered but not guaranteed.
  3. Inactive: Release will no longer be enhanced to support newer versions of hardware and pre- or co-requisite software.
  4. Retired: Cincom has deemed the product release obsolete and unsupportable due to third party product variations, newer versions available, or other situations.

For a 1-1 mapping of the old product support levels to the new, as well as a more comprehensive description of the new PSLs, customers can review the Product Release Catalog located on Cincom SupportWeb.