CPQ Software for Managed Services

Whether you target healthcare, finance, manufacturing or other industries, providing complex, specialized services at scale comes with massive challenges. Customer demands change as fast as the tech landscape itself, market differentiation is difficult to establish; and losing talented sales and technical staff to customers and competitors alike is a constant threat.

In addition to all of those hurdles, the services you provide are difficult to price, at least in a way that ensures profitable sales with any consistency. In your world, experience might matter more on both sides of the sale than it does in any other industry. Cincom CPQ gives managed services the power to create a selling experience with benefits that reverberate throughout your business.

How Does CPQ Software Benefit Managed Services?

Stop Margin Erosion and Maximize Profitability

It’s easy to undersell your services when the only perceived differentiation is price point—a practice that will immediately (and without exception) cut into your bottom line. So how do you resist the temptation? Cincom CPQ’s rules engine puts guardrails in place to protect pricing—and subsequently sales margins—even on your most complex deals.

Configuration rules also ensure accuracy in both order entry and services feasibility. In other words, you can’t configure something your technicians can’t execute on. By streamlining the approvals and eliminating reworks, you’ve just cut a significant chunk of time and resources (aka costs) from each sale.

Market Differentiation through Customer Experience

If it’s not dangerously reduced pricing, what will draw customers to you? Experience still matters to just about every customer you come across. Customers expect their managed services provider (MSP) to consistently provide quality experiences that are efficient. By taking the pain and frustration out of the services configuration process, you are making it simpler and faster for your sales rep to sell and for your buyer to get the services they need.

Once the product is configured, Cincom CPQ generates a professional, branded proposal for you to deliver to your customer. If your customers can confidently get the services they need faster without sacrificing quality, they’re going to keep coming back to you, plain and simple.

Quickly Train and Retain Your Top Talent

Great people make businesses great; that’s no secret. As an MSP, you are in a somewhat unique position where your competitors and your customers are always trying to entice your best people to work for them. When you factor in the additional time and resources it takes to train new employees, this creates a costly vicious cycle. So how do you break it?

Cincom CPQ captures tribal knowledge about the services you offer and makes it accessible to the people in your organization who need it, whether they are seasoned veterans or new to the game. This greatly accelerates the onboarding process for new sales talent. Cincom CPQ’s ease of use on the sales side, and lack of required IT support on the data management side, make it easier to sell and gives IT the freedom to take on more fulfilling projects.

Role-Based Product and Sales Configuration Solutions

Your customer base is demanding and your services can be very complex. Those are tough conditions for anyone to sell in. Cincom CPQ helps you and your sales reps:

  • Improve margins and revenue. Cincom CPQ ensures optimal pricing on all configurations and allows you to better manage discounts, promotions and specials, so you’re achieving maximum margins and revenue on every deal and providing better buying experiences for customers.
  • Improve product configuration speed and accuracy. Cincom CPQ allows you to manage exceptions, rather than the rule, so you can spend more time on high-value tasks, rather than reviewing and approving deals. This also means your customers can buy with more confidence and get the products they need with less hassle.
  • Enhance customer experience. Cincom CPQ ensures quality and consistency in the sales process, as well as optimal pricing on all configurations. This allows you to better manage discounts, promotions and specials, so you’re achieving maximum revenue on every deal and providing the best possible price for customers.

You’re leading the charge for digital transformation in your sales processes—or at least looking for ways to operate more effectively in the digital age. Cincom CPQ enables the digitization of your sales force by:

  • Turning salespeople into product experts. Cincom CPQ digitizes hard-copy collateral and systemizes tribal (expert) knowledge of products, making product knowledge and engineering expertise available at the point of sales engagement and improving cross-sell and upsell opportunities via guided selling.
  • Minimizing product configuration and sales quote errors. Eliminate rework, field returns and other costs associated with an inability to deliver products and services as promised.
  • Replicating sales success. Capture the processes of your best salespeople, and leverage them across sales channels throughout your business.

Cincom CPQ enables IT departments for managed services providers to focus on managing the technology your organization relies on to do business. Cincom CPQ helps IT departments:

  • Enable collaboration. Cincom CPQ provides a collaborative system for business users, eliminating sales-cycle bottlenecks and facilitating go-to-market processes across the organization by integrating your sales office, back office and engineers into one application/solution.
  • Simplify maintenance. Cincom CPQ allows for point-and-click, drag-and-drop maintenance of business, product and pricing rules and role-based applications. IT can build, test and deploy those rules or simply grant access for other users to make updates without IT involvement and assistance.
  • Improve transparency. Make sales, marketing and field-generated data secure and accessible through APIs, meaning it’s readily available for mining and output, as needed, by different departments for internal use or to facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements.

You need to show your organization that the investments you’ve signed off on are delivering positive results. “Cut costs and grow revenue” are your team’s standing orders. Here’s how Cincom CPQ helps Finance departments achieve their goals:

  • Reduce risk. CPQ implementation creates and identifies scalable, repeatable and predictable revenue while preventing sales teams from selling non-compliant configurations or components.
  • Protect margins. With Cincom CPQ, you can sell through more channels thanks to standardization of sales processes. The ability to quote faster helps you win more business, while Cincom CPQ’s cross-selling and upselling features help your sales reps get more out of every deal.
  • Manage customer acquisition costs. Sales, technicians, engineers, compliance–these are rising costs that burden most MSPs. Cincom CPQ helps you get a return on these investments faster because it reduces the amount of people involved in the sales process and helps you get new services to market faster.

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