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Guided Selling to Make Life Easier.

Cincom Solution Configurator Guided Selling and Configuration Services make every sales rep and self-service buying application a “product expert” by delivering a complete role-tailored user experience with standardized guided selling, product configuration, pricing and visualization capabilities within any host application.
  • Guided product selection capabilities lead salespeople and customers through structured needs analysis and information gathering to drive fast, accurate selection of the base product or solution needed by the customer. Guided cross-sell/up-sell helps drive larger orders and higher margins. Guided qualification and other scripting helps improve customer interaction and sales effectiveness.
  • Product/service configuration with system and nested configuration, visual option selection, drag and drop capabilities and many other advanced capabilities intuitively lead salespeople and customers through fast, accurate selection of specific features, options and dimensions that make the “perfect fit” with customer needs.
  • Dynamic feature-based pricing using the as-configured product combined with user-defined pricing rules and cost-based or market-based pricing methods quickly and accurately calculates the proper price, discount and margin based on any number of factors.
  • Dynamic visualization with options for configuration-specific static or rendered images, 2D drawings and 3D models provides visual confirmation that the configured product is exactly what the customer expects.
  • Dynamic device-independent user interface that uses the solution model and responsive design technology to tailor the entire user experience to the specific user, role, desktop or mobile device, language, etc.
  • Interactive and background modes provide the ability to use the run-time engine to support both real-time guided selling dialogs and asynchronous tasks to optimize system responsiveness.

Learn why Cincom’s Solution Configurator is much more than a product configurator.