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Cincom products are used in a wide range of industries, applications and business sectors spanning over manufacturing, communications, financial services, government, retail, healthcare and insurance industries to help companies like yours win more business, operate efficiently and deliver as promised.

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Multi-Channel Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Solutions

CPQ Solutions for any Device

Increase sales, gain higher margins, accelerate sales cycles, streamline fulfillment and improve your ability to expand into new markets with Cincom CPQ. This guided selling platform enables companies to deliver a customer experience that aligns with the way customers want to buy — across any channel, any application and any device.

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Cincom Manufacturing Business Suite

Built on the proven power, agility and simplicity of Microsoft Dynamics® AX with the advanced capabilities that manufacturers need to configure, price and quote products; estimate custom products and projects; closely control engineering change; manage multiple projects and contracts; profitably manage aftermarket services and comply with a wide range of regulatory requirements.

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Cincom® CONTROL Manufacturing ERP

Cincom® CONTROL™ is a solid ERP foundation that includes order-management, product-engineering, operations-management, procurement and accounting software. CONTROL provides real-time information about operations so you can make decisions and quickly implement the required actions regarding key business metrics.

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Cincom Eloquence®

Deliver a better customer experience, strengthen customer relationships, reduce costs and IT dependence and grow your brand with Cincom Eloquence. Streamline the design, deployment, delivery and management of high-volume, highly personalized communication to deliver the most intuitive, customer communications solutions in the industry.

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Cincom Smalltalk

Go to the Cincom Smalltalk Website. Our object-oriented application development technology helps companies create and deploy projects quickly and efficiently—from classic client/server systems to highly scalable web applications. This enables you to produce better platform-portable business solutions on time, under budget and with minimum risk for a big return on investment.

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Cincom® MANTIS®

With a MANTIS web-based application, you can access your business information from anywhere in the world at any time. MANTIS web-based applications are easy to use and can be implemented without interrupting your existing work process.

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Other Products

In addition to the various products above, Cincom offers several solutions which are suitable for different kinds of applications and development scenarios. View a listing of these additional products and services here.

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