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CPQ for IT Managed Services

Selling technology solutions has never been so simple.

Cincom CPQ™ can handle infinite complexity to create a tailored, centralized solution across all your sales channels.

How It Works

Is your homegrown configurator costing you deals?

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100% real-time accuracy across all teams, all channels.

Cincom CPQ centralizes everything you need to sell effectively where your customers want to buy. Value is realized by all areas of your manufacturing organization.

Always up-to-date pricing

Product information, including pricing, is updated centrally so your customers, dealers and reps have the most up-to-date info at their fingertips.

Easily expand into new channels

With product information centralized and always up to date, it makes it easy to expand into dealers, distributors and e-commerce with confidence.

Eliminate bottlenecks & delays with sales channels

Use automation to pass approval requests to the right team member for fast decisions, so your reps can get quotes & proposals out to customers quickly.

Get reps up & running quickly

New sales reps have all product information at their fingertips when creating quotes and proposals, allowing them to seamlessly perform their duties without the learning curve.

CPQ reduces time to quote by 96% compared to traditional quoting.

Your quoting process should never be the reason you lose a deal. Here’s how CPQ can significantly reduce time to quote for your sales team:

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Time to quote holding you back from winning deals?

See how Cincom CPQ™ can help.

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100% real-time accuracy across all teams, all channels.

Centralized data means you can grab stats for your board report, better plan to reach next quarter’s goals, or get a real-time glimpse of where your team needs support—at a moment’s notice.

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Cincom’s solution is structured in a way that allows us to maintain control and modify our own business rules.

Peter Gingerich, CFO

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Unify business units and streamline efforts with integrations to Cincom CPQ

Cincom CPQ™ provides out-of-the-box connectors so your sales team can accurately configure, price and quote products without having to switch between applications or resorting to manual activities.

Eliminate errors, onboard new reps faster, and give key stakeholders excellent visibility into the pipeline with our robust integration framework.

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