Cincom Continues to Provide Global Customer Assistance and Technology Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

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For over fifty years, Cincom and its valued customers have had the outstanding opportunity to share in the experience of mutual organizational success. At this unprecedented time, we now, unfortunately, share the challenges that come with providing for the continuation of business for our own organizations and that of our customers during this critical COVID-19 Pandemic.

Above all and most importantly, we share the goal of best providing for the health and welfare of our employees and that of our customers. To respond to that goal, we have globally implemented actions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our employees and each of our contacts within our customer’s organizations in accordance with the recommendations and regulations issued by both global and local health and governmental organizations worldwide.

We are, as always, equipped with an infrastructure and on-line capabilities to handle the support needs of our customers in a digital environment. Both the Cincom Executive Team and Support Team work daily to both assess and take action to respond to the needs of our customers during this rapidly changing, critical health crisis.

Our Customer Support Team is perpetually prepared to serve as an extension of our customer’s team to assist and support, in any way necessary, to maintain the ability to address their various needs and objectives associated with Cincom technology. The Cincom Support Team can be accessed at At this site, customers will find specific information regarding support for resolution of issues, in specific geographic areas around the globe.

We share our very best wishes for the personal health and safety of each of individual within our customer’s organizations and for the favorable experience of the successful continuation of business.

Best regards,

Chairman & CEO

Thomas M. Nies