About Cincom

Cincom taps into more than 50 years of experience in the software market to create business solutions that deliver results.


Cincom is a global organization devoted to building software solutions that help businesses succeed. Our configure-price-quote, customer communications management, business application and development solutions are geared towards enhancing your organization’s capabilities, optimizing processes and delivering a better experience to your customers.

about Cincom Systems


Our mission is to give your business the tools it needs to win and retain more business. We do this through innovative software development and experienced solution design focused on helping you operate more efficiently and effectively.

Cincom mission


Cincom values character, competence and commitment within our employees individually and our organization collectively. These embedded values drive productivity resulting in profitability and sustainability for the benefit of our customers.

Cincom values


Envision the

Seeing software as the future of business information technology, Tom Nies parts ways with IBM and starts his own software-centric company, Cincom.


Company of

Cincom becomes a company of firsts in the software industry, including delivery of the first commercial database management system not bundled with manufacturer hardware and proprietary software.


Global Expansion

Cincom continues to expand internationally, opening offices across the globe and earning accolades from the U.S. Department of Commerce for contributions increasing exports.


of Software

New releases target the evolution of software and business: Open System computing and lifecycle application development systems, among other new applications, are launched.



Cincom develops Web-based ERP applications and is named a Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendors partner in manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX and CRM.


New Frontiers

As the industries we serve continue to evolve, so does Cincom. We’re already developing new applications to carry our clients and our company into new frontiers of business technology.


We now have a treasure trove of data we can use to predict what our sales will be and what capacity we need to have onsite.

ATC, Cincom CPQ User

Eloquence is saving us about 10 minutes per transaction by automating the quality control and approval process.

MTL Insurance, Cincom Eloquence User

Previously it took anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to create a quote. Now we can do it in less than five! We definitely recommend Cincom to others.

Helmer Scientific, Cincom CPQ User

Accentuating the idea of cost control was all powerful; we went from 60 Euro cents to 40 cents per mail piece—a savings of over 33 percent.

BNP Paribas, Cincom Eloquence User