From CPQ to Customer Communications Management, see how Cincom helps you deliver a better experience to your prospects, customers and partners.

What is CPQ?
Configure Price Quote
What is CCM?
Customer Communications Management
What is ERP?
Enterprise Resource Planning

CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

Cincom CPQ™ is a powerful multi-channel selling tool that simplifies workflows, creates a better buyer experience and increases the profitability of your sales processes. See what Cincom CPQ can do for your organisation …

cpq solution

Customer Communications Management

Cincom Eloquence® helps organisations like yours acquire, strengthen and expand customer relationships; minimise compliance risks; reduce operating costs and accelerate time-to-market for all customer communications. See how Eloquence can help you …

customer communication management solution

Enterprise Resource Planning

Cincom’s ERP solutions consist of comprehensive yet scalable and easy to use business management systems for the SMB to the Enterprise level organisation.

Enterprise Resource Planning

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