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Extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 with dynamic quoting ability with Cincom CPQ™

A SaaS CPQ solution embedded in Dynamics for Sales, Cincom CPQ creates a seamless selling experience within your Microsoft CRM environment—no new windows or pop-ups. Empower your team to generate quotes faster and improve their executive productivity within the tools they already use.

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With the integration of Dynamics 365 and Cincom CPQ, your sales reps have everything they need to sell effectively using ONE platform.

Build competitive offers in minutes

Cincom CPQ’s automation means you have everything you need at your fingertips to put together a quote and get it to your prospect before your competitor.

Centralized product information

Centralized product information means everyone has the latest pricing and product information in Dynamics 365—eliminating errors and the need to hop in and out of several different programs.

Guided selling

Cincom CPQ presents questions to the user that guide them to the right product configuration.

Omnichannel sales opportunities

Make your products available wherever your customers are buying. Cincom CPQ integrates with Microsoft Commerce, which allows your customers to configure, price and pay for products and services directly on your site, without having to reach a rep first.

Extend your Dynamics 365 investment.

Cincom CPQ is a Multi-tenant SaaS solution fully embedded into Microsoft for a seamless experience. The solution can be integrated with Microsoft F&O (Finance and Operations) and leverages Microsoft Power Platform. Schedule a demo to see it in action.

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Reduce the burden on Sales and IT

Limit the learning curve

Reps who are familiar with the Dynamics 365 interface will have no issues getting acclimated to Cincom configuration tools.

Easy for every user

Cincom CPQ is low code/no code, which empowers non-technical staff to build the models they need.

Get up and running fast

Embedding Cincom CPQ in Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes less than two hours from start to finish.

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Cincom’s solution is structured in a way that allows us to maintain control and modify our own business rules.

Peter Gingerich, CFO

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