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Montana State Fund

Get dynamic communications with Cincom Eloquence.

Empower any business user to create complex, custom documents easily with a familiar interface that supports advanced logic.

  • Use if/then logic to insert custom details like member information, compliance paragraphs, and policy-specific content.
  • Save time with reusable document components saved in your system, ready to insert with one click.
  • Ensure compliance and accuracy with data from all stakeholders and sources integrated in one system.

98% Customer Retention

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Increase speed-to-market for your member communications.

Debra Espe of Independent Health shares how Cincom Eloquence® helped her team reduce dependence on IT and get more communications out the door, faster.

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Not only will Cincom Eloquence’s intuitive interface help us move at the ‘speed of business,’ with new content and changes being deployed rapidly, it will also allow us to communicate with members and providers as their preferences move from print to digital, including email, portal and SMS.

Independent Health

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