Improve Customer Experience (CX)

Today’s B2B customers expect a B2C buying experience. That means your customers want the right product at the right price at the right time, and they don’t want to deal with lengthy processes that involve a lot of people and paperwork. Here’s how Cincom CPQ helps you deliver a better customer experience …

  • Modified extendible platform with rule- and role-based branded experiences for dealers and agents.
  • Ability to automate notifications of events occurring in the system, with opt-in, opt-out functionality to ensure notifications are pertinent to users, meaning nothing is lost or overlooked in any potential deal.
  • Quote collaboration and sharing functionality reduces time-to-quote while improving quoting accuracy.
  • Mobile-friendly, mobile-responsive functionality lets sales reps assist customers in the office, on the road or even on-site.
  • Guided selling capabilities assist sales reps in helping customers configure the right product tailored to their specific needs.
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