Real-time ERP

Utilising real-time information CONTROL offers integrated functionality and efficient operations that coordinate:

  • Order Management – End-to-end processing of customer orders from order entry through invoicing.
  • Product Engineering – Management of configuration, documentation, design, revision history and engineering change.
  • Operations – Includes master scheduling, capacity planning, production control, material planning and management and shop floor control.
  • Procurement – Supplier sourcing, requisitioning, quotes, purchase order processing, inspection, invoice matching and payment authorisation.
  • Cost Accounting – Project, part production and inventory accounting.
  • Project Supply Chain – Includes MRP, inventory, procurement, shop orders and planning by project.


CONTROL delivers bottom-line results driven by integrated accounting processes across your manufacturing and sales operation. Your unique requirements are met using both standard and actual cost methods.

  • Business Activity Monitor – Fully customised dashboard views delivered by powerful browsing and data accessibility capabilities.
  • Role-Based Home Pages – Your customised view of the enterprise is designed around your job, not your title.
  • Data Drilldown – View data from the balance sheet all the way down to the specific project.

Quality & Compliance

Keep your quality to spec and your processes compliant with applicable regulations. These two go hand in hand to assure you and your customers that you are not only competitive but also focused on quality and regulatory necessity.

  • Compliance – Regulatory compliance can be a burden or a competitive advantage. We make compliance work for you.
  • Quality Control – Manage quality at the process level using Statistical Process Control techniques.
  • Customer Satisfaction – With definable ROI, quality and compliance are winners for you and your customer.

Customer Success

Cincom is committed to delivering the perfect customer experience by offering high-value, low-risk, easy-to-use solutions.

  • ROI – Our customers claim a 30:1 ROI, 10%+ profitability gains and measurable productivity improvements from day one.
  • Customer-Inspired Enhancements – This unique approach to customer-requested product enhancements provides enhancements now and assures the customer that the enhancements will carry through in future product releases.
  • Migration Assistance – CONTROL ERP customers are always assured that our team is ready to assist them in moving to later releases or implementing our current ERP offerings.
  • Customer Support – The Cincom SupportWeb® provides access to our full-service customer support center.

Domain Expertise

The industrial-equipment market is perhaps the toughest market of all for manufacturers because they are serving their own industry. CONTROL will enable you to delight your customers with high-quality products delivered on time and at low cost.

You can consistently meet the most unreasonable design demands with the robust build-to-order and configure-to-order capabilities built into CONTROL.

This highly competitive market demands the most stringent cost controls and unrelenting attention to quality. CONTROL customers will boost efficiencies and margins to fulfil their customer requirements and achieve their own performance goals.

Enhanced supply chain visibility, price inventory control and lean leveraged processes are all within the operational scope of CONTROL throughout the entire manufacturing cycle.

Cincom provides sustainable competitive advantage to complex manufacturers worldwide, by offering unrivaled industry-focused software and business consulting solutions to complex manufacturing industry segments, which include government contracting, aerospace, defence, project manufacturing, and aftermarket services.

Cincom helps aerospace manufacturers embrace lean practices, better manage their complexity, and keep costs under control so they may sustain their position in the market. Cincom helps defence companies better manage cost, schedule and regulatory compliance, while providing industry-leading contract administration capabilities.

Cincom provides contract and project-based manufacturing capabilities to ensure compliance at every stage of the value chain, matched with full support to ensure projects are on time and on budget.

Manufacturers of complex, highly engineered products face unique challenges in how they manage the life cycle of those products. Maintaining the product’s configuration and managing change is a requirement all the way through the value chain. Cincom realises that customer satisfaction is paramount, and helps to ensure that customer expectations are met and that consistent product and process definition sustains product quality for the long term.