Cincom Partners – Magnifying the Value Delivered

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On March 17, Cincom announced that The Channel Company had awarded Cincom Systems a five-star rating in its CRN published Partner Program Guide for 2014. This is a huge honor for Cincom.

In one of his hits, Frank Sinatra declares that he did it “My Way.” That sentiment resonates with many of us who admire the lone individualist who struggles to succeed in a world full of obstacles and other impediments to success.

The fact is, we do very little entirely on our own; we all have some level of help or support from family, friends and mentors. Companies are much the same. As they grow and mature in complexity and diversity, the need for partnerships increases. To that end, great companies need great partners.

Cincom is no exception. As we approach our half-century anniversary, it is evident to those who have watched Cincom over the years that much of our success and longevity is attributable to the quality business relationships we have developed along the way. Conversely, much of the success that our partners have enjoyed over that time has to be attributed to Cincom.

Cincom is currently moving through a series of major changes. Some of these include how our enterprise is organized and especially how we market and sell our products. When you sell products through other companies, the need for excellence is obvious.

Everything the company does must be evaluated in terms of making it easier or more difficult for our partners to sell Cincom. Everything that does not help the partner is suspect.

Our existing partners probably don’t need confirmation that they made a good choice in partnering with Cincom. Potential partners will benefit from knowing that a partnership with Cincom is a great way to ensure a successful future in terms of great product, responsive support and superb service.

But, a partnership with Cincom® is more than these three elements. Cincom has always measured success by the success of its end-users. With a growing, dynamic and effective partner selling channel, Cincom’s success will be defined by the success of its partners as well.

Cincom, its partners and its end-user customers are members of a team; a team that works toward a successful future in a world that offers huge challenges but also huge opportunities.

Cincom rises to these challenges and embraces the opportunities, and we welcome our partner companions on our journey toward success.


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