Unlock a Better Customer Experience with a Modern Customer Communication Management System

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Traditional customer communication solutions often mean siloed applications based on in-house, custom-developed code that can be challenging to integrate and costly to support. But all that’s changed. Today’s customer communication solutions for insurers integrate with core platforms to help drive greater value and a better customer experience (CX) in a way that’s flexible and easy to maintain.

Transformation Is Now

Recent data reveals that only 37% of the insurers’ total communication volume is handled by a packaged-built solution by a specialized customer communication management (CCM) vendor, highlighting the room for improvement. Therefore, the time for transforming CCM is now.

Insurers face evolving challenges like regulatory compliance, competition, and growth opportunities. Modernizing member communication solutions is key to streamlining processes and improving the member experience.

Every year, insurers are faced with new challenges that drive them to operate more efficiently and effectively, so they can comply with new regulations, meet competitive pressures, and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

  • 67% of CX leaders cite siloed communication systems and integration challenges as areas that need improvement.
  • 43% of insurers indicated that they are likely to replace their CCM in the next 12 months, and this number increases to 49% for insurers with a written premium below US$1 billion.

To keep from falling behind, now is the time to focus on modernizing your member communication solutions to streamline your processes and ultimately enhance the member experience.

Positive CX Means Loyalty and Retention

With modern CCM solutions, it’s easier than ever to start generating customer correspondence in a way that’s scalable from one department and then expand affordably and sustainably over time, growing as you grow.

A scalable solution is built on a single-code base, automating your member communications processes across the entire organization through a software suite that is easy to use and seamlessly integrates into your legacy environments today, taking the pressure off tomorrow.

Plus, communication systems that are ready to evolve with you empower you to bring on new business applications and complete your transition from paper-intensive processes to electronic document delivery channels including e-mail, text messaging, and portals.

Three Keys to Success:

  1. Focus on User Experience: Cincom Eloquence®, an industry leader, collaborates with usability experts for intuitive interfaces. IT resources create data sets, while business users work in various views, enhancing communication quality.
  2. Modern CCM Solutions: Partnerships like Sapiens and Cincom Eloquence offer scalability and automation. They streamline processes that reduce document generation times from hours to minutes.
  3. Empowering Member-Facing Representatives: Integration within core applications enables real-time customer service that enhances CX. The IT staff saves time on document templates, focusing on core initiatives. Communications improve, and member experiences become exceptional.

The Value of Cincom Eloquence

Solutions like Cincom Eloquence can put you on the path to delivering a better member experience by automating the design, deployment, and delivery of personalized member communication in any department across your business.

  • Manual processes for generating documents that used to take hours or days now take just minutes to complete.
  • Rekeying data from multiple systems into correspondence is now replaced with automated data and content that eliminates errors and personalizes every communication.

Cincom Eloquence gives your customer-facing reps “point-and-click” access through standard web browsers or directly from within their core applications (via our comprehensive library of APIs and application exits) to a central repository that contains templates with pre-approved content and pre-configured workflows. That opens the door to assembly and generation of correspondence while interacting with customers in real time, ensuring that positive CX is central to your CCM solution.

Member-facing representatives no longer have to shuffle between applications to create letters, since they now have the tools they need to service members right within their core application—in real time—taking a load off everyone’s shoulders. And, your IT staff isn’t spending hours or days creating or updating document templates, leaving them more time to spend on important core initiatives.

The Payoff: Communications Are Better and Your CX Can Go from Good to Great!

  • One vendor, one application for easy adoption and support.
  • Integration capabilities eliminate manual data re-keying.
  • Centralized template repository reduces compliance risks.
  • Scalability allows phased implementation.
  • Consistency across delivery channels—print or electronic.

Modern CCM systems like Cincom Eloquence leverage existing member data to create actionable content. While not the sole strategy for exceptional member experiences, they play a crucial role in delivering personalized, error-free communications.

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