Streamlining Industrial Equipment (CNC) Sales with Cincom CPQ™

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Streamlining Industrial Equipment (CNC) Sales with Cincom CPQ™

In the competitive world of industrial equipment sales, efficiency and accuracy are key to success. However, many companies face challenges that hinder their ability to meet customer demands and deliver timely quotations. This was the case for Brother’s Industrial Equipment Sales Department that faced numerous obstacles such as fragmented systems, mismatched bills of materials, errors in product specification selection, increased man-hours for custom quotations and complex approval processes. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Brother turned to Cincom CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) to revolutionize its sales operations.

Challenges Faced by Brother

One of the major challenges Brother faced was the fragmentation between its Sales (SFDC) and Manufacturing (SAP) systems. This disconnect resulted in a heavy workload and lengthy lead times, as well as a high degree of dependency on individual specialists. By implementing Cincom CPQ, Brother was able to seamlessly link Salesforce and SAP, enabling smooth collaboration between the Sales and Manufacturing departments. This integration eliminated fragmentation, reducing workload and lead times, while also mitigating risks associated with individual specialists.

Another obstacle was the discrepancy between Bills of Material (BOMs). Item names and granularity did not align with catalog descriptions, making it challenging for sales representatives and customers to understand quotations. With Cincom CPQ, Brother established an easy-to-operate quotation BOM that accurately reflected catalog options. The system provided detailed statements and confirmation of specifications, simplifying the quotation process for both sales representatives and customers.

Mistakes resulting from incorrect product specification selection during the quoting process also proved to be a time-consuming issue for Brother. Cincom CPQ’s configurator for complex rules, such as mandatory and prohibited configurations, eliminated these errors. Sales representatives were now able to quote complex product configurations accurately, improving the overall accuracy and efficiency of the quotation process.

Brother’s need for custom quotations often increased man-hours due to the non-availability of existing products that met specific requirements. With Cincom CPQ, the company streamlined the process of requesting and approving custom-made products. Additionally, the approval workflow function reduced quote approval lead times, relieving the heavy workload on sales representatives and quotation approvers.

Manual checks and verification work for product configurations were also a time-consuming task for Brother. Cincom CPQ’s configurator greatly reduced the need for manual and visual checks by supporting complex rules and ensuring that all configurations adhered to specified requirements. This automation not only saved time but also eliminated errors, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Positive Effects of Cincom CPQ

Since implementing Cincom CPQ, Brother has witnessed significant positive improvements. The seamless integration of Salesforce and SAP has improved collaboration between Sales and Manufacturing, streamlining operations and reducing lead times. The establishment of an easy-to-operate quotation BOM and the frequent master maintenance capabilities have enhanced accuracy and efficiency. Sales representatives can now provide accurate quotations for complex product configurations, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Selected features of Cincom CPQ that proved instrumental in addressing Brother’s challenges include multi-language and currency systems, power tools for BOM maintenance in Excel, a configurator for complex rules, Salesforce integration framework, and an approval workflow function. These features, combined with the flexibility and scalability of Cincom CPQ, have empowered Brother to overcome its sales challenges and achieve its goals.


In conclusion, Brother’s adoption of Cincom CPQ has greatly improved its industrial equipment sales process. By addressing its system fragmentation, improving BOM accuracy, eliminating errors in product specification selection, reducing man-hours for custom quotations and simplifying approval processes, Brother has enhanced its sales operations. With Cincom CPQ’s comprehensive features and seamless integration capabilities, Brother has positioned itself for success in the competitive industrial equipment market.