Cincom Customer Heroes Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Cincom has counted thousands of companies as customers over its 50 years in the software and services business.

We have been privileged to work with many exceptional companies and to get to know many more exceptional individuals during that time. But sometimes it takes a crisis like COVID-19 to open our eyes to see the greatness in the people and companies we interact with on a daily basis.

Cincom Systems is honored to call these heroes customers.

During times of crisis, most of us look outwardly in the hope of finding comfort and help for ourselves. Thankfully, some exceptional individuals step up and look to themselves to see what they can offer to others around them who need help and assistance.

Companies are the same. During tough times, responsible corporate leaders will do anything they can to seek help for their enterprises. No one can criticize them for that.

But even during these times, some companies are able to look beyond the red ink, the broken supply chains, the shrinking pipelines and the disappearing revenue. They find within themselves the grit, the means, the determination and the will to step up and make a difference just because it is the right thing to do.

We Salute Our Customers’ Heroic Contributions to the COVID-19 Fight

Here are several examples of this kind of heroic dedication. Cincom Systems is honored to call these heroes customers.

In addition to a $5 million donation to the American Red Cross, Anheuser-Busch is working with partners to identify sporting venues available for use as blood donation centers. They are also supporting blood-drive efforts through the donation of media airtime to advertise and promote blood drives via Red Cross public service announcements.

Nearly 7,000 blood drives have been cancelled due to COVID-19, and this assistance from Anheuser-Busch could not come at a better time. Additionally, they will be producing hand sanitizer for use in these Red Cross blood donation centers.


Healthcare professionals are receiving free service for three months, and all customers are enjoying free premium channels during the COVID-19 crisis.

Estée Lauder

This cosmetics giant is stepping up to the plate and converting production facilities in the US, Belgium and the UK for the production of hand sanitizer. They are currently producing 20,000 bottles per week in the US toward an overall goal of one million bottles of hand sanitizer worldwide.

Employees of Estée Lauder are also being furnished with hand sanitizer along with first responders and healthcare professionals throughout the New York area.

Hallmark Cards

With social distancing and other measures keeping us physically separated, many folks are in need of some kind of contact from loved ones or friends.

Hallmark Cards is stepping up to the plate and providing one million cards to facilitate human contact between those of us who need it the most. Cards are available to the public at

A laugh and a smile are so rare and so valuable during these days for too many of us who are homebound and unable to contact our loved ones.

L3Harris Technologies

High-tech companies have so much to offer during these times in terms of knowledge, technology and support. L3Harris Technologies is offering all of this and more on several fronts.

They are building ventilators for critical-care patients who are battling COVID-19. Their innovative, low-cost ventilator design was produced in response to the US government’s hack-a-thon challenge.

L3Harris Technologies is also helping small businesses within its supply chain through $100 million in advanced payment for products and services. This effort covers suppliers in 45 states, and it assures continued production of products critical to the defense supply chain.

Small and medium businesses are being hit particularly hard during this crisis, and this program will make a huge difference in their ability to continue business operations and to keep their employees on the job.

Their Group Communication Services unit is providing full interagency communication capabilities to first responders located in remote areas. Many of these operations have never had this level of communication capability before.

With so many people restricted to their homes in rural areas, EMTs, firefighters and police face many new challenges in providing timely services to their communities. These communication capabilities make a lifesaving difference.

Taylor Communications

Workplace signage is an important element in transforming our factories, stores and offices into safe working environments in the COVID-19 world.

Taylor Communications is offering signage for the workplace for its own customers as well as others. Additionally, Taylor is providing hand sanitizer to customers.

Triumph Gear Systems

Triumph Group is converting production facilities to produce personal protective equipment and oxygen distribution components for hospitals and first responders.

Triumph’s efforts are found in facilities all around the world. In addition to making liberal donations to many community-level aid services, Triumph is working with the Red Cross and other organizations and companies to produce ventilator masks, fabric masks and connecting valves in the UK, Atlanta and Hot Springs, Arkansas facilities. In addition, facilities in Texas and Utah are being tasked to produce face shields for first responders.

We’re in this Together

We are so grateful to each of these companies for their dedication, generosity and willingness to do whatever it takes to help lick this viral challenge that threatens all of us, everywhere. Each of these heroic examples represents a truly inspiring example for us all.

During these challenging times, it is so easy to lose hope, assume the worst and feel tempted to give up. These examples by Cincom customer heroes show each of us that there is hope, goodness and light at the end of this long, dark tunnel.

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