Enhance Productivity

Priority is configured to meet the needs of any business today, and its wide variety of modules and functionality provide you the support you need where you need it…

  • Easily oversee purchasing and inventory management as well as production and quality control.
  • Implement and manage flexible billing processes for improved customer experiences.
  • Process automation reduces dependency on manual data entry, minimising errors and improving accuracy within the system.
  • Improve communication and communication management with customers and sales teams.
  • Simple integration toolkit and ease of use create a better user experience within your organisation–especially for your IT department.

Improve Agility

Priority doesn’t just enable greater responsiveness at every level of your organisation– it facilitates a proactive approach that keeps you ahead of your competition. Here’s how …

  • Stay connected: Full-featured native mobile client allows updates, configurations changes and customisations at any time, from anywhere.
  • Utilise dedicated applications for Mobile Sales Force, Proof of Delivery, Warehouse and Mobile Service.
  • Enable growth with scalability that allows for expansion from a few to several thousand users.
  • Make market-driven decisions based on real-time analytics.
  • Implement the system that is right for you with 100% functionality on both on-premise or in the cloud.

Increase ROI

You don’t have to sell your leadership on the ROI Priority delivers– you can show them. Here’s how Priority delivers results that go beyond your bottom line …

  • Start every deal ahead of the curve with a total cost of ownership up to 70% lower than comparable ERP systems (guarantee a third less cost-per-seat than other systems).
  • Reduce resources (people and time) needed for projects with process automation and optimised workflow automation.
  • Ensure CIOs and IT managers maximise time and budgets on exploring new technology instead of fixing or maintaining old processes thanks to cloud-based, mobile and IoT-ready solutions.
  • Increase profitability for manufacturers (Priority implementation has yielded close to 20% cost/resource savings across the board in some instances).

Develop Customised Applications

Priority provides comprehensive tools for customers to enhance and develop the product to meet their needs. Here are some of the tools available to you …

  • Business Process Management (BPM): Improve performance by managing/optimising business processes.
  • Mobile App Generator: Develop tailored apps for customers using a Priority-developed app generator wizard.
  • Web SDK (Software Development Kit) for advanced app development with customisable look and feel.
  • REST APIs: Integrate Priority to external system(s) for a variety of uses via industry-standard APIs.
  • Customisation Tools: Most required customisations can be achieved by configuration and do not need development.

Monitor Organisational Performance

Smart business decisions start with great insight. Priority gives your managers the data they need to build better strategy and improve results. Here’s how …

  • Real-time analytics from business intelligence tools allow users to identify and monitor KPIs in real time.
  • Break down information silos with dashboards and metrics accessible across the organisation.
  • Executive dashboards show your leaders where your company is excelling and areas for optimisation.

Industry Applications

Whether your business is engaged in the distribution of; food & beverages, medical products, industrial equipment, fashion & luxury goods, consumer durables or others, Priority can ensure you deliver the right products as the right time while controlling costs and optimising processes.

Priority helps you; maximise margins by controlling costs at every step in your supply chain, optimise customer service levels by providing visibility and insight into your business performance and enable profitable value- added services to grow business with your best customers.

Businesses manufacturing construction and mining machinery, electrical equipment appliances and components, industrial machinery and equipment, HVAC equipment, medical, measuring and controlling devices and operating component manufacturing look to Priority to enable innovation, collaboration and cost control.

Priority can help you accelerate innovation necessary to staying globally competitive. The solution can help you strengthen customer ties by managing complex warranty and maintenance processes efficiently and control operational costs through increased visibility of your end-to-end supply chain.

Companies who design, manufacture and sell fabricated metal products, furniture, doors, windows and furnishings, timber, textiles and other building materials require the ability to manage costs, stock and optimise processes.

Priority helps businesses sense and respond to new customer requirements with value-added products and services. The solution supports companies to deliver the right product at the right time, whether making to specification or shopping from stock.

With deep expertise in public & private facilities, dental, drug and health food, Priority provides all the tools required so that businesses can focus on patient safety and quality of care.

Priority healthcare offers comprehensive insights into your company through a range of reports and a real time view of the organisation. The solution simplifies complex and critical purchasing, receiving and warehousing. With integrated financials and cost control Priority helps you maintain full accountability while giving you the agility needed to respond to shifting market conditions.

Priority offer a range of vertical solutions that specifically solve the unique problems faced by businesses in that particular industry.

Such dedicated solutions include Priority for; Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Wholesale & Logistics, Healthcare, Automotive, Construction & Real Estate, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services and Software & Technology.

Cincom Systems of Australia are an accredited reselling partner of Priority™ Software and have been supporting our valuable Priority customers for over 20 years.