Cincom Eloquence: Helping Property/Casualty Insurers Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Easy to Use

Cincom’s customer-centric culture builds trust and makes doing business easy.

Easy to Integrate

Cincom Eloquence is tailored for departments, but comprehensive for the enterprise.

Control Costs

Cincom Eloquence delivers a lower total cost of acquisition and ownership.

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Helping Property and Casualty Insurers Deliver a Better Member Experience

Solutions for the Entire Organisation

Cincom Eloquence provides the tools you need to streamline correspondence processes and deliver a highly personalised claims experience. By helping claims representatives quickly and easily assemble, design, generate and deliver personalised claims correspondence “on the fly” while simultaneously interacting with claimants over the phone, Cincom Eloquence allows your claims organisation to process claims faster and with fewer errors.

Manual processes for generating claims correspondence that used to take hours now take just minutes. Automated data and content eliminate errors and personalise every communication. Customer service reps can now service customers in real time within their core administration application. And, your IT staff isn’t spending hours creating or updating templates. The payoff: communications are better and your customers’ experiences go from good to great with Cincom Eloquence.

Cincom Eloquence was built with your customer-facing resources in mind. Either embedded within your applications or through a standard Internet browser, Cincom Eloquence makes it easy to build communications that can be delivered to your customers via print, e-mail, fax or over the Web. In other words, it allows you to get information to your policyholders in the ways they prefer to receive it.

Communications are key in delivering a superior customer experience, but they can also keep insurers up at night given the myriad compliance risks associated with them. Cincom Eloquence can help ensure compliance in every communication. From the creation of templates to communication delivery, Cincom Eloquence enables your compliance professionals to leverage their expertise to reduce fines, minimise rework and improve customer communication efficiency and effectiveness. This helps you deliver real value, build trust and expand customer relationships.

Cincom Eloquence helps simplify your IT infrastructure through a single, comprehensive solution for batch automation and interactive communication generation. Architected using open standards and a “compiled-XML” core, Cincom Eloquence ensures that your communication applications are deployed on field-proven platforms that are found in most enterprise infrastructures.