Cincom Eloquence®: A Better Way for Financial Services to Engage Customers and Drive Growth

Easy to Use

Cincom’s customer-centric culture builds trust and makes doing business easy.

Easy to Integrate

Cincom Eloquence is tailored for departments, but comprehensive for the enterprise.

Control Costs

Cincom Eloquence delivers a lower total cost of acquisition and ownership.

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Customer Communications Management for Financial Services

Solutions for the Entire Organisation

Cincom Eloquence provides the tools you need to reduce costs, accelerate revenue and maintain compliance. Required communications (application process updates, confirmations and account-related welcome packs with account cards) can be triggered based upon application-process events or generated in real time while interacting with customers at the point of need.

Cincom Eloquence gives you the power to adapt content to the context of the present situation, resulting in communications that deliver greater value. Eloquence provides the communications tools you need to generate a single portfolio view, promoting offers that are specific to each customer. These consolidated statements and the ability to intelligently target relevant messages can be generated quickly for large volumes.

Cincom Eloquence combines data from your core business applications and databases with the ability to create powerful rules to generate error-free proposals, quote requests, contracts and other communications. By allowing personnel to generate communications from anywhere across the organisation or in the field, you have the tools to really engage prospects and propel your top line.

By either embedding it within your applications or using it through a standard Internet browser, Cincom Eloquence makes it easy to create communications that can be delivered to your customers quickly via print, e-mail, fax or over the web. In other words, it allows you to get information to your account holders in the ways they prefer to receive it.

Cincom Eloquence helps simplify your IT infrastructure through a single, comprehensive solution for batch automation and interactive communication generation. Architected using open standards and a “compiled-XML” core, Cincom Eloquence ensures that your communication applications are deployed on field-proven platforms that are found in most enterprise infrastructures.