Deliver a Consistent Brand Image

Your brand is everything. Don’t just protect it, enhance it with better brand management across your entire organisation. Cincom Eloquence helps you …

  • Ensure consistent brand presentation.
  • Improve response times for the creation, updating and delivery of branded materials.
  • Improve service levels and customer satisfaction with ready-to-use branded documents.
  • Reduce/eliminate document defects that tarnish your brand’s image and credibility.
  • Improve rankings from industry sources that contribute to audience perceptions of your brand.

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Consistent Brand Image with CCM

Boost Your Top Line

Customer communications management can help you create new customer relationships and nurture the ones you have by giving you the ability to customise content to the customers who are most likely to respond to them. Cincom Eloquence helps you …

  • Increase engagement through data-driven correspondence.
  • Combine easy data acquisition from your core business applications and databases with a powerful rules engine for improved personalisation.
  • Dynamically insert images (e.g., TIFF and JPG), PDFs and message lines into any customer communication.
  • Present meaningful cross-sell and upsell opportunities based on data from past interactions.
  • Reduce communication errors that cost you money and customers.

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Boost Organisation Top line with CCM

Accelerate Productivity

How do you streamline document generation and other customer communications management processes across an organisation with a wide variety of needs and challenges? Cincom Eloquence helps you …

  • Provide a quick-access library of document templates and customisation options to users.
  • Enable project scalability, from individual document generation to bulk projects.
  • Improve access to systems: Those who need documents can get them, those who don’t can’t.
  • Integrate with core applications to create more seamless processes.
  • Improve internal response times when it comes to creating, updating and distributing documents.

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Accelerate Productivity

Ensure Communication Compliance

Increase compliance through the centralised management and monitoring of templates and content components as well as comprehensive audit facilities. Cincom Eloquence helps you …

  • Meet external regulatory requirements set by government and/or industry oversight bodies.
  • Standardise and meet internal compliance policies and requirements across the entire organisation.
  • Reduce risk of fines and market conduct audits.
  • Automate oversight within the document generation process for faster, more effective compliance review.

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ensure communication compliance

Optimise Legacy Investments

Cincom Eloquence adapts to—not radically alters—your existing, mission-critical customer communications processes. Here’s how Eloquence can help you …

  • Integrate with core business applications, databases and information technology infrastructures.
  • Integrate via open, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) and field-proven technologies like XML and J2EE, which means you don’t have to hire additional expertise for implementation.
  • Deliver rapid implementation for equally rapid ROI.

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optimise investments

Go Digital

Communicate with your audience in ways that they prefer, especially if it is more cost-effective for you! Go digital with Cincom Eloquence to ...

  • Quickly transition from paper to electronic communication delivery.
  • Increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities by reaching your audience in the channels they're using.
  • Reduce printing, storage, postage and other costs associated with old delivery methods.
  • Increase presence, frequency and impressions of marketing and advertising messaging thanks to the versatility of digitising resources.
  • Expand current marketing efforts or enter new markets and improve conversion and close rates.
digital customer communications management

Solutions for the Entire Organisation

Cincom Eloquence provides the tools your agents need to customise communications to each customer’s unique situation. Cincom Eloquence combines easy data acquisition from your core administration applications and databases with a powerful rules engine to deliver deeper personalisation of content in your communications.

Cincom Eloquence helps simplify your IT infrastructure through a single, comprehensive solution for batch automation and interactive communication generation. Architected using open standards and a “compiled-XML” core, Cincom Eloquence ensures that your communication applications are deployed on field-proven platforms that are found in most enterprise infrastructures.