Cincom CPQ Industries Served

Sell sophisticated machinery, multi-product systems, combined product and service solutions or products as seemingly simple as personalized apparel? Whatever the market, your customers are no doubt demanding products that are increasingly customized to their specific needs and desires.

Solutions for complex products and services

Cincom CPQ delivers advanced capabilities that work with CRM, ERP, e-commerce and engineering systems to meet the needs of a wide range of industries with “complex selling” processes—i.e. manufacturers, distributors and service providers that sell products and solutions that involve many options or variations. This includes industries such as:

  • Industrial Equipment and Machinery including construction, mining and industrial machinery; HVACR equipment and systems; machine tools; material handling equipment and systems; factory automation and robotics; large fabricated metal products; power generation and transmission equipment and others.
  • High Tech and Medical Devices including computing equipment and systems, communication equipment and systems, instruments and controls, medical equipment and others.
  • Transportation Equipment including specialty vehicles, ships, railroad rolling stock, public transportation systems and others.
  • Other customizable products and services such as financial and insurance products, IT and business services, and any other solution with many options or variations.

Addressing Very Real Challenges and Opportunities

Whether it’s sophisticated machinery, multi-product systems, combined product/service solutions or products as seemingly simple as personalized apparel, customers in every market are demanding products that are customized to their specific wants and needs.

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