Want Your Customers (and Microsoft) to Love You More? Start Selling CPQSync!

Imagine this: Your customers are excited because you offer them a great CPQ solution that finally streamlines their sales experience as advertised. Then Microsoft is thrilled because the CPQ solution you started selling is driving Azure usage through Dynamics, and they love you for it. This is what life is like for our partners on TeamSync.

But the benefits don’t stop there! We train your team to:

  • sell and implement CPQSync;
  • provide access to leads, funds and collateral;
  • elevate your brand through collaborative sales, marketing and communication projects.

Welcome to the team!

TeamSync Gives CPQSync Partners and Resellers the Tools to Succeed

  • TeamSync Portal Access, collateral, support and other resources online
  • Training and Certification How to sell, implement and use CPQSync
  • Marketing Development Funds Get your message to your audience
  • Sales Leads We’ll put you in front of potential customers
  • Microsoft Azure Usage Drive Azure usage through CPQSync

Our TeamSync Partners


C5 Insight
Convenant Technologies
FMT Consultants
Interdyn Artis LBMC
New Dawn Solutions

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