Does Cincom CPQ Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM? You Bet!

With multiple screens, windows or applications open, selling inside your CRM solution can get messy at times—if it’s even possible at all. When your selling experience frustrates your sales team, chances are that frustration is making its way to your customers as well.

Cincom CPQ doesn't just integrate with Microsoft. It’s actually embedded within Microsoft Dynamics 365, eliminating frustration on both sides of the selling experience and creating a seamless path between the CRM system and configure-price-quote processes.

Adding CPQ software to a CRM system extends its functionalities and enables an organization to more fully leverage the CRM system's potential. When CPQ-CRM integration is optimal, as it is between Cincom CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics 365, the systems sync together to deliver benefits including:

  • Improved user adoption
  • Increased accuracy of sales quotes
  • Growth in sales pipeline
  • Expanded closed deals
  • Enhanced customer experience

You invested in Microsoft tools. Now create a cloud-based user experience that pays off—big time—for your enterprise, sales reps and customers.

Cincom CPQ Delivers More Return on Your Microsoft Investment

Microsoft Azure

Multi-tenant solution native to Microsoft Azure

Dynamics for Sales

Configure, price and quote within Dynamics for Sales




Open platform and APIs enable extensibility

Microsoft Flow

Integrate workflows with Microsoft Flow





Microsoft Power BI

Power BI-based reporting

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