What Is CPQ?

CPQ, or “configure price quote”, is a software solution that enables companies and their customers to select and customize products and services they want to buy; as well as view accurate, real-time pricing for every possible configuration of the product and generate a quote for the product—all from a single program/application. Depending on the vendor, CPQ solutions can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud. CPQSync, specifically, is a cloud-based, SaaS solution.

Our Mission: to Create Experiences that Deliver Value

CPQSync Is Built on Decades of CPQ Experience

Make no mistake: Although CPQSync by Cincom might be relatively new to the game, Cincom has been around for more than 50 years and in the CPQ market for about 25 years. All of that experience—the successes, the failures and all the lessons learned—fueled and guided the development of CPQSync.

When you combine experienced minds with fresh, forward-thinking perspectives, users and customers get solutions that create real value for them. That’s what you get with CPQSync.

Why Build CPQSync in the Cloud? Why SaaS?

CPQSync is both cloud- and Microsoft Azure-native. That’s a first for a Cincom product! We chose to make the leap to the cloud because it allows us to deliver better experiences to our customers in terms of quality and quantity.

Being cloud-based gives us flexibility with the product vision and allows us to meet customer demands as the market evolves more easily.

As for adopting a SaaS business model, the reasoning is pretty much the same: customer experience is king to us. If the market expects a cloud solution offered through a SaaS model, then that’s what we are going to provide—and we did!

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