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Creating documents has never been easier.

Whether you're using Word or a legacy system, you need a solution that allows you to easily and effectively design, deploy, deliver, and manage member documents quickly and accurately—in turn, boosting your member customer experience.

You need a CCM solution that is easy to use.

Say goodbye to manual entering of data, having to access documents in multiple applications and tedious management processes—causing you to be prone to errors and costing you in time and money.

Cincom Eloquence is user-friendly and streamlines member communications processes across your entire enterprise—minimizing compliance risks, reducing operating costs and increasing your speed to market.

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CareSource reduced document generation times from 12 minutes to
less than 60 seconds.

You need a CCM solution that is easy to integrate.

Right now, you're having to go to multiple applications to get what you need, you need programming expertise to create document templates and your application is inflexible to integrations—leading to slow response to template creation, an inability to ensure compliance, and unmanageable template inventory.

With Cincom Eloquence, you can easily integrate with core applications to create more seamless, automated processes between departments—improving access to systems, accelerating productivity and creating a faster, more effective compliance review.

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Medica reduced IT involvement in template development by over

Get dynamic communications with Cincom Eloquence.

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98% Customer Retention

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Not only will Cincom Eloquence’s intuitive interface help us move at the ‘speed of business’, with new content and changes being deployed rapidly, it will also allow us to communicate with members and providers as their preferences move from print to digital, including email, portal and SMS.

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