Business Applications from Cincom

Cincom business applications continue to play an important role in the organizations that use them, so we’re always working to improve and evolve those solutions, ensuring they remain cutting-edge for the customers we serve.

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Cincom® CONTROL™

Cincom CONTROL offers advanced manufacturers high efficiency, precision production controls and innovative capabilities like lean, demand flow and supply chain management within a stable, high-performance platform.

  • CONTROL ERP for complex enterprises integrates modules as a coordinated unit to help with order management, product engineering, operations, procurement and accounting.
  • CONTROL’s financial management solution offers a wide array of browsing and drilldown capabilities and utilizes both standard-cost and actual-cost methods to meet your unique business requirements.
  • CONTROL’s manufacturing compliance and quality-control software helps organizations reduce waste, avoid defects and ensure regulatory requirements are met.
  • CONTROL’s Lean Execution Suite from Ultriva, Inc. delivers lean advantages to manufacturers by reducing order errors, achieving a mixed-mode production line or eliminating production constraints.
Cincom Control