CPQ is Not for Everyone — Just Those Who Want to Double Sales

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Aberdeen Group research shows that users of configure price quote (CPQ) solutions increase their average deal size by a whopping 105 percent! Here’s how.

“Ultimately, sales teams and their leaders want to emulate the abilities of best-in-class firms to more efficiently drive both revenue and margin. Configure Price Quote technologies add a crucial layer of automation, time, savings, collaboration and visibility that allow the best sellers to use their time and capabilities most effectively: for sourcing, nurturing and closing B2B business that yields win-win-win results for themselves, their companies and especially their customers.”

Want to Increase Sales? Use CPQ

CPQ can give sellers the specifics needed to effectively connect with customers during each conversation, which leads to quicker purchasing decisions.

What Can CPQ Do for You?

Learn more about what CPQ can do for your business.

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