New Sales Portal Features Highlight Cincom CPQ Innovations at CRMUG

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CINCINNATI, OHIO – October 7, 2015 –Cincom®, the Microsoft Dynamics® Global Strategic Partner for Manufacturing, will introduce at the CRMUG Summit in Reno, Nevada, from October 13-16, new capabilities in the sales portal and solution configurator components of its Cincom CPQ™ product.

Cincom CPQ is a multi-channel configure-price-quote solution for use with both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX. It seamlessly integrates with those platforms to offer manufacturers not just standard configure-price-quote functionality, but the ability to deliver a superior channel and customer buying experience and increase profitability by bringing expert knowledge to the point of sale.

Increasing the strength of connectivity between a more intelligent sales-supportive approach and the desires of customers offers companies that employ the Cincom solution the potential to sell in a smarter, more intuitive way than anyone else in the market.

“Most guided-selling configuration tools are based upon a simplistic hierarchy of products, features and options, which really means that they can do little more than ask the customer: ‘So what product do you want to buy?,’” says Jim Wilson, Cincom CPQ Product Director. “Cincom CPQ is based on an expert system that is flexible enough to automate the interactions and recommendations of your best sales and engineering reps to create the ultimate buying experience.”

“It’s all about being easier to buy from,” Wilson continues, “and we know that the buying experience often begins well before customers engage a rep. Cincom’s multi-channel CPQ software supports complex, multi-tiered channels and provides tailored user experiences that are optimized for each user type. This enables the buying process to begin on your website and flow seamlessly into your back-office system.”

New offerings that have been added to Cincom CPQ’s Multi-Channel Sales Portal include upgrades that make the user experience more personalized, as well as improvements in pricing and the ability to handle the variability of “specials.” The Solution Configurator within Cincom CPQ also now sports a Web-based Management Studio, among several other improvements.

Cincom will also be introducing upgrades to the Cincom Manufacturing Business Suite at CRMUG, its advanced manufacturing ERP solution, at the show.

Cincom is committed to adding significant value to both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX on an ongoing basis. These latest enhancements to our configure-price-quote platform and our manufacturing business suite are driven by input from our customer base as well as our vision of where the market is going over the next few years. We look forward to working with our Microsoft Dynamics partners to deliver these advanced capabilities to our mutual customers over the coming months.

Here are more details on the enhancements being introduced with Cincom CPQ:

Cincom CPQ – Configure-Price-Quote Platform

Cincom CPQ is a multi-channel configure-price-quote platform that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and e-commerce platforms to support consistent, collaborative sales processes across all direct and indirect channels with centralized management. Components include: Solution Configurator, Proposal Generator, Sales Portal and CPQ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (a managed solution). Specific enhancements include:

Cincom Solution Configurator (version 4.0)

  • Web-based Management Studio: Now 100 percent of Cincom CPQ capabilities can be performed via a web browser, including configuration model development and central administration.
  • Enhanced lifecycle management: Easier configuration model versioning, testing and deployment by business users eliminates the need for IT assistance.
  • External data sources: Expanded rule types and actions against data sources such as Excel® or SQL Server® enable rules to use existing data from other systems such as pricing tables in ERP.
  • Enhanced performance and scalability: Now leverages new lightweight runtime built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET Web API to further increase responsiveness.

Cincom Multi-Channel Sales Portal (version 5.3)

  • Enhanced user experience: Catalog starting point for quotes, enhanced menus, preference-driven list display (e.g., “My Quotes, My Tasks, My Special Requests, etc.”) and much more.
  • Enhanced pricing: Multiple date-effective price lists, negative product option pricing, extended dealer two-tier pricing and more.
  • Quote weight support: Enable weight for standard and special options, quote total weight roll-up and support for either imperial and/or US weights.
  • Enhanced specials” handling: Direct sales BOM maintenance with review process, change history and support for comparison reporting.

Visit Booth #434 at CRMUG to learn more about how Cincom is extending the selling and manufacturing capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

About Cincom Systems

Since 1968, Cincom has helped world-leading businesses by delivering enterprise software solutions. Cincom applications and services enable organizations to win more business, operate more efficiently and deliver as promised. Cincom is the Microsoft Dynamics Global Strategic Partner for Manufacturing and a Microsoft® Global Independent Software Vendor (GISV).