Cincom Partner Receives PEM Maintenance Award

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Last month, Lou Washington wrote a blog about the importance of having high-quality partners to amplify the value that your company can share with its customers. Lou shares that the success of a company also relies on those partners and their success. The same is true for Cincom and it partners, and the PEM Maintenance Award.

This week, Cincom partner, Memex Automation was recognized with the 2013 PEM Maintenance Award for best company under 50 employees. First, the Cincom family would like to extend their congratulations to Memex Automation on its award. Second, Memex Automation is a fine example of the type of partners Lou Washington is referring to in his blog, and Lou is correct in that “Cincom, its partners and its end-user customers are members of a team; a team that works toward a successful future in a world that not only offers huge challenges but also huge opportunities.”

To learn more about Memex Automation and the PEM Plant Engineering & Maintenance Award, visit