Customer Communications Management: Appreciating the Value of a “Niche” Fit

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Upgrading your Customer Communications Management (CCM) capabilities is the right decision for your business; you’ve already decided that.

Your next step is to find the right provider that fits with your company’s processes and goals. That’s like shopping for a new car—the market is full of quality choices with different sets of options at different price points. Your challenge is to find the one that best fits your unique needs.

Just like with car guides, you can turn to expert opinion such as Gartner for guidance. In Gartner’s most recent Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management Software guide for CCM, they position Cincom in the Niche Players quadrant.

What does that mean for you?

We do, indeed, have a lot of customers in several specific market segments and key verticals:

What’s the Value of Cincom being a Niche CCM Software Provider?

We believe that Gartner’s positioning recognizes our unwavering commitment to providing the right solution for each specific customer we work with. We know it’s this continued focus on being the right solution for your specific needs and not “everything for everyone” that enables us to out-innovate and outperform other players in the CCM space.

CCM is built on a philosophy of providing the best service to your customers. When you are the customer, why would your company not be deserving of the same kind of treatment from the software provider that’s behind your CCM efforts?

Here’s what some of Cincom’s customers say about our commitment to working with them:

  • “Cincom asks for their customers’ opinions, what they see coming in the future and what they would like to have, and then they respond to it. They not only gather all of that information, but they actually take action on it. It doesn’t matter the size of your company or what version of the product you’re using, they listen to everybody on an equal basis … they listen and respond quickly to things that will help your business.” − Kathy Biwer, Director of Business Applications Services, MTL Insurance
  • “We invite Cincom’s product team to our strategic meetings so that we can collaborate and allow them to share their roadmap with us. By understanding each other’s business plans, we can implement the roadmap in a more transparent way and ultimately help our business meet its goals. Cincom Eloquence® has been a major contributor in helping us grow our business by exceeding the expectations of our members and providers through better communications.” − Rick Hopfer, Chief Information Officer, < a href="" target="_blank">Molina Healthcare
  • “There is no intervention of IT during the lifecycle of a template or a document. The business is able to validate the use of templates and specify who is responsible for them. … The Cincom team was reactive and ready to help at all times.” − Didier Caupain, Project Manager, BNP Paribas
  • “Our ultimate goal is to provide clear, accurate, actionable communications. We want to speed the claims process and provide a timely customer-service experience. With Cincom as our partner, we know we will consistently be advancing document communications workflow and techniques relative to these objectives.” − Dave True, Director of Customer Service, Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation, TRICARE Division
  • “What we really like is the improvements we have experienced in business response. Now that business users are playing a bigger role in managing content in our documents, changes to content are happening relatively quickly compared to before when it would have required a week’s worth of work by IT, often pulling them from other planned projects. That’s a big, measurable improvement.” − Sam Heigh, Director of Insurance Applications, Montana State Fund
  • “There was some concern that once the check was written, Cincom’s commitment would lessen, but that didn’t happen. Then there was concern that support would go downhill after implementation, and that hasn’t happened either. All along, we had access to Cincom’s top professional services and support personnel. Cincom went out of its way to make its talent available to the project, and that was a major part of its success and something we definitely appreciated.” − Information Systems Department Claims Systems Director at a major property/casualty insurer
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