CPQ for IT Solutions and Services

CPQ allows tech solutions companies to adapt as quickly as their market is evolving. CPQ gives you the agility to change product and configuration options, as well as pricing and quotation outputs, when you need to so you can stay ahead of your ever-evolving market.

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Cincom CPQ™: Simplify Your Most Critical Processes

Deliver as promised.

Cincom CPQ’s rules engine oversees the configuration process, so you can deliver the products or services promised to your customers.

Accurate Pricing and Quoting

Cincom CPQ ensures your customers are receiving fast, accurate pricing and quotes for the products and services they’ve configured.

Agility to Meet Demand

Cincom CPQ allows you to quickly change products/services, pricing and other configuration rules to keep up with customer demands.

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CPQ for IT Solutions and Services

Solutions for the Entire Organisation

Cincom CPQ allows you to close more deals and improve margins. More support from guided selling and other functionality means less effort on your end, including faster onboarding with reduced training needs for new reps.

Cincom CPQ reduces errors while improving your time-to-market, streamlining processes that connect sales with fulfillment. Cincom CPQ reduces the need for manual order entry and manual order reviews. The solution ensures accuracy in the process, helping you deliver as promised and leaving your customers happy.

Beyond the bottom line benefits, Cincom CPQ makes management of your product and services catalogs significantly easier, providing flexibility for quick updates. We’ll work with you to integrate Cincom CPQ with your CRM and other business systems, ensuring end-to-end efficiency of your most critical processes.