Operate Efficiently and Deliver as Promised across All Your Products and Projects

Cincom Manufacturing Business Suite Make Solution

Cincom Manufacturing Business Suite extends Microsoft Dynamics® AX multi-organizational production and supply chain applications with advanced project-based planning and control and revision-based planning and control, regulatory compliance capabilities, and manufacturing production software to provide the full range of tools that manufacturers of highly engineered products require to operate efficiently and deliver as promised against customer-specific orders, contracts and projects.

Organize Your Production and Supply Chain like Never Before


Microsoft Dynamics AX manufacturing and supply chain applications provide extensive operational capabilities with the flexibility to streamline any combination of products, facilities, manufacturing environments and fulfillment strategies. Procurement capabilities provide the tools for effective management of all spend categories, including direct materials as well as indirect goods and services.

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Multiple Projects? No Problem.


Project-based planning and control features keep operations running like clockwork. Cincom project-based planning and control capabilities substantially extend all core Microsoft Dynamics AX manufacturing and supply chain applications with embedded project controls, project-specific data and project-specific visibility.

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Revisions Don’t Have to Be Messy


Clean them up with revision-based planning and control. Cincom revision-based planning and control capabilities extend all core Microsoft Dynamics® AX manufacturing and supply chain applications to optionally include revision as a key element of all product information, and provide associated controls and visibility by revision.

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Stay Two Steps Ahead of Regulatory Compliance Issues


Cincom regulatory compliance capabilities extend core Microsoft Dynamics AX manufacturing and supply chain applications and leverage project-based planning and control along with contract management capabilities to provide added tools required by manufacturers that do business with government entities such as the U.S. Department of Defense and others.

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