Shave Months Off Your Sales Cycles.

Enter the Cincom CPQ Sales Portal and Never Look Back

The Cincom CPQ Sales Portal is a complete multi-channel quoting and ordering solution that can be deployed stand-alone or integrated with any existing ERP or CRM system.

  • The Cincom Solution Configurator, along with the Cincom Proposal and Document Generator, provide the core of the Cincom CPQ Sales Portal with role-based capabilities that lead sales people through each step of the process from needs-based product selection to product/solution configuration, cross-sell/up-sell dialogs, dynamic pricing, output content generation and quote/proposal document generation.
  • Extensive product, pricing and quote management capabilities provide the full range of additional sales tools that people need to rapidly create and effectively manage quotes and place orders for all types of products and services. Capabilities include:
    • Searchable, content-rich product catalogue for both standard and configurable products
    • Advanced pricing with multi-tier discounting
    • Robust special-request handling
    • Flexible quote structure with any combination of product or service lines and sub-lines
    • Configuration and quote templates for frequently sold items
    • Quote approvals and revision control
    • Role-tailored capabilities to support various user privileges and organizational structures
    • Extendibility with custom fields and actions
  • Channel partner capabilities provide secure, role-based access to quoting functions for authorized dealers, distributors or independent reps. All core capabilities can be provided to partners, PLUS capabilities such as:
    • Dealer customer information
    • Dealer products and options
    • Dealer-branded quote/proposal documents
  • Multilingual, multi-currency capabilities enable global deployment with all master data automatically localized based on user profile.
  • Reporting and analytics support with capture of quotes across all channels and including all feature, option and pricing details provides the foundation for analysis of sales activity, feature popularity trends, pricing and promotion effectiveness, margin performance and much more.

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