Proposal Generation Software
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Cincom CPQ Proposal Generator

The Cincom CPQ Document and Proposal Generator combines standardized document templates with dynamic quote and configuration content to automate creation of proposals, submittals, and any other type of internal or external document or document package. Document delivery is reduced from days or weeks to just minutes. Consistent, content-rich, compelling proposals win more business by rapidly delivering the information customers need to make a confident buying decision. Internal pre-proposal documents such as “deal reviews” help sales people and dealers understand and optimize margins. Post-order documents provide comprehensive deliverables to drive customer satisfaction.

No Need to Start from Scratch

Templates Get You There Faster. Template creation and administration capabilities provide everything you need to develop standard document content and formats as well as the rules and process flow for automated generation.

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Bye, Bye Boring.

Creating Customized Documents Is a Snap. Dynamic document generation automates the process of merging standard templates with dynamically produced content and attachments to produce custom documents and document packages. Dynamic content generated during the CPQ and output-generation process such as customer information, as-configured products and services, pricing, text, drawings and images can all be incorporated…

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Speedy Delivery

Automated output document handling speeds the delivery of generated documents and document packages to the people and systems that need them.

  • Automatic zip file creation combines multiple documents into a single, efficient file for easy transport.

Automatic document upload via flexible user-defined extension points enables output documents to be immediately sent to SharePoint® or other document repositories.

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