Robust Product Configuration Technology,
Fully Integrated with Your Enterprise Applications

A Product Configurator that Handles Complexity

The Cincom CPQ Solution Configurator is much more than just a product configurator—it’s a comprehensive guided-selling system driven by a highly flexible knowledge engine. It can be used to guide selection and configuration of any type of product, service or multi-item solution. It includes capabilities for everything from needs-driven product recommendations to configuration, pricing, product visualization, cross-sell/up-sell recommendations and generation of extensive outputs for use as customer deliverables and to drive manufacturing.

Using knowledge captured in product, service and solution models, the centrally managed Cincom Product Configurator can be integrated into all of a company’s ERP, CRM, e-commerce and engineering applications to lead salespeople and customers across all channels through fast, efficient, satisfying selling and buying experiences that are fundamentally consistent, yet dynamically tailored to specific roles, sales channels, selling situations, devices and cultures.

Components of the Cincom Product Configurator include:

Guided Selling and Configuration Services

Guided Selling to make life easier. Cincom Solution Configurator Guided Selling and Configuration Services make every sales rep and self-service buying application a “product expert” by delivering a complete role-tailored user experience with standardized guided selling, configuration, pricing and visualization capabilities within any host application.

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Management Studio

The Cincom Solution Configurator Management Studio enables the effective capture and management of product, pricing and sales knowledge from throughout the company as well as rapid creation of the tailored user experiences delivered to salespeople and customers.

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Configured Output Generators

Cincom Solution Configurator Output Generators automate the creation of a wide range of deliverables for use in customer proposals and submittals and drive fast, quality production once the order is placed.

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Options Manager

The Cincom Solution Configurator Options Manager provides the ability to manage data, policies and assets associated with the product features and options outside the rules model.

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