Exclusive Look at Cincom Total

The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Industry Summit 2.0 kicked off last month in Arizona featuring a sneak appearance of Cincom’s latest product set to debut March 18th – Cincom Total™. Presented by John Rethman, a senior industry consultant who has been in the ERP industry for over twenty years, Rethman demonstrated features in Cincom Total, including […]

Cincom Hosts UC’s 2013 “Spirit of Enterprise” Event

Last Friday launched the 9th annual “Spirit of Enterprise”. Hosted by the University of Cincinnati at Cincom’s world headquarters February 21-22, this event provides student entrepreneurs from around the globe with the opportunity to present their innovative ideas to a panel of judges and audience. Selected teams are granted the chance to compete for the grand prize […]

When Life Gives you Profit, add Value

Need your company to grow profit by 20% or even 30%? “When it comes to growing profits companies have two choices: increase revenue or cut costs,” Brad Fleming, Sales Manager at Cincom said. “But there’s only so much you can cut without affecting the quality of your product or service.” Increasing revenue while cutting costs […]

Top 7 Mobile Tech Trends for 2013

“Mobility will be the unified force that brings everything together in 2013,” said Louis Columbus, Microsoft Enterprise Systems Senior Manager at Cincom. “In the enterprise, mobility is going to combine cloud computing, big data analytics, and CRM relationships to enhance customer experience. There’s a lot to be gained.” Connectivity is critical. With more people relying on […]

Maximizing the Benefits of Multi-Tenancy

Multi-tenancy architecture is a software development that provides a single software application for multiple customers. “It’s this master software system that provides for your customers access to the latest system upgrades and services,” Jerry Miller, Managing Director at Cincom Systems explained. “It allows software development and maintenance costs to be shared. For software providers, it […]

A Solution to Big Data

There’s a lot of information in a bank’s database. It’s data that is accumulating at an exponential rate, otherwise known as big data. How can banks better leverage that big data to their advantage? Jim Wilson shares his thoughts. “You need to analyze everything,” Jim said. “There are these analytic engines that run against all this big data to […]

Hot Jobs – Senior Software Consultants

Senior Software Consultants We’re looking for two stars to fill senior software consultant positions for our growing product lines. Senior Software Implementation Consultant Senior Software Technical Consultant If you are interested in becoming an important contributor to these Cincom teams, please APPLY NOW.

Big Data in Action

Data has been accumulating at a rate so quick it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to analyze their own data.  This explosion of data, known as big data, is a trending issue Jim Wilson Program Director for Cincom Intelligence Selling Solutions will address. “It’s important that companies know how overcome this complexity,” said Wilson. “Big data management […]

The Art of Selling to Vertical Markets

Nobody manufactures the same way they did 20 years ago. Yet while the products and buyers have become more sophisticated, many companies continue to sell the same way. A good way for your business to expand on current business opportunities is to go after additional verticals in your market.  Smart companies are recognizing that small […]

The Power of Cloud Technology and CRM

According to Ralph Schwarz, Senior Product Director at Cincom, “cloud technology is going to be something that’s a long term strategy.” By allowing users to access applications or data placed into the cloud from anywhere on the globe via an Internet-enabled device, cloud technology is not simply a trend. “Cloud is huge in the CRM industry,” he […]

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