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CPQ: The Often Overlooked Necessity to CRM

As businesses, we know more about our customers today than we did five years ago. Yet, we still need to improve our customer knowledge to continue to retain, engage and acquire them in large numbers. Companies not only need to have accurate account and contact information and customer-transaction data, they also need to go a […]

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The Perils of Piecemeal IT Solutions

A reprint from MetaOps Magazine Warning: Piecemeal IT solution like configure, price, quote (CPQ); customer relationship management (CRM); or other front-office technologies—could be hazardous to your business.   Source: everythingpossible | iStock | Thinkstock Piecemeal IT solutions is characterized by unsystematic partial measures taken over a period of time. Unsystematic—that’s the part that gets you […]

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Are You Selling in the Dark?

When you flip a switch and the lights come on, do you think anything of it? Of course not. It is only when the power goes out that you realize how important it is. Whether you’re literally sitting in the dark or it’s just your laptop battery that dies, you always know instantly when you […]

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